Star Student: Emerson!

hi at my dance comp. my compony won the legacey award. I am reading my favorite book right now and Im almost done.its called land of stories. It’s almost summer yay! that meens ice cream.ive never had a blizerd witch is a ice cream drink.i am going to have my room in the basement!!!!

Star Student: Rachel D.

I have four people in my family and two cats. One cat is named Cocoa my other cat is named Pepper.  My best friends at school are Tyler, Henry, Trey, Peyton and Will. My birthday is January 11. My two favorite colors are teal and magenta and my favorite kinds of book to read are the Harry Potter booksI love to draw and play pokémon too!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

Star Student: Annie

My name is Annie. I’m 9 years old. I love to draw. I also love to play soccer. I have 9 people in my family, including my pets. My dads name is Tom, my moms name is Sara, my oldest brothers name is Ethan, my 2nd oldest brothers name is Judah. And my 3rd oldest is Sam. I am the youngest! My dogs name is Ranger. She is a Chihuahua. She is also 9 years old. Sadly, she has heart failure. My cats name is Zorro. In Spanish, Zorro means mustache, and Zorro has a mustache!!! Last, is my brothers snake. Her name is Beatrice. My best friends in this class are Emerson, Tessa, Rachel D., Addie, Akjiah, and Elbri.

Star Student: Jonah

I am 9 years old. I am 3ed child. I have 2  exchange students there names are Andrew & Cora.Ople my family  names are Amy my mom, tom my dad, josh my brother, my sister Rebecca my sister, me, Andrew, Cora, I have 7 people in my family. I love school, math, reading, writing.